• Large parbolic reflector and 55-watt halogen
    bulb produce attention-getting 80,000 candelas per flash
  • Rugged, non-corrosive polycarbonate housing features twist-off dome for easy maintenance
  • Permanent, magnetic, and pipe mounts available in 12 or 24 volts
  • Domes are available in amber, blue, clear, green, and red
  • SAE J845 Class 1 approved
  • Five year warranty on rotator mechanism

UltraStar™ US7
UltraStar 7

  • Auto-matic adjust-ment to func-tion at any volt-ages from 12-24 VDC 

  • Five-year product warranty

LED Pulsator
LED Pulsator

  • An industry first–a polycarbonate base Class 1 LED beacon (Class 2 version also available)
  • LEDNode™ technology for zero maintenance lighting; no bulbs or strobe tubes to replace
  • Flash completely fills the dome; no dark spots or shadows
  • Ten selectable “strobing” flash patterns
  • Power Select feature; easily switch flash patterns by powering on/off
  • Synchronize or alternately flash with multiple LED Pulsator units or a variety of other LED light heads (Class 1 version)
  • Available in permanent mount

Pulsator® 551/451 Plus
Federal Pulsator 551 441

  • Easily replace-able heli-cal strobe tube
  • Polycarbonate base strobe beacon
  • Automatic adjustment to function at any voltage from 12-48 VDC
  • Heavy Duty (optional): Gel-fi lled base completely encases power supply for addi-tional protection against vibration and moisture.

Model 851/651

Federal 851 651

  • Open-style alumi-num base strobe beacon
  • Automatic ad-justment to func-tion at any volt-age from 12-48 VDC
  • Five-year product warranty

Model 901/951

Federal 901 & 951

  • Automatic adjustment to function at any volt-age from 12-48 VDC
  • Open-style aluminum base strobe beacon
  • Attached dust cover
  • Five-year product warranty

Star 255TC


Star 255TS



Star MV203

• Twist on-off lens
• 1.5 Joules
• 80 normal single flashes per minute
• 0.5 Amps current draw at 12 VDC
• Lens colors: amber, red, blue, clear & green
• Voltage: 12-48VDC or 12-72 VDC