Using our Own Voice and Data Networks providing Tracking Coverage for Local Areas.

Increased Productivity/Reduction in Fuel Costs
-Find closest vehicle to respond to a service call.
Better Customer Service/Customer Retention
-Locate customer shipments for callers wanting to know delivery status.
Driver Accountability
-Verify that drivers met expected appointments or service calls.
Reduction in Unauthorized Vehicle Use
-Monitor personal use of take-home vehicles; Eliminate moonlighting activities.
Decrease in Speed/Increase in Personnel Safety
-Reward good drivers for compliance with company policies and traffic laws.
Lower Insurance Rates
-Accurately document where all vehicles are at all times; Reject frivolous property damage claims.
Complete Historical Record of Fleet Activities
-Print or save reports in Excel, Adobe PDF, and many other formats.

Now featuring a "breadcrumb playback" to ease viewing daily activities!

Rental Units start at $29.95 per month per vehicle!

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