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Single Rumbler Solo low-frequency speaker for use with sirens with integrated Rumbler capability

Country/Region of Origin: United States of America

    • Rumbler low frequencies deliver up to 10 dB more sound pressure inside civilian vehicles near
      emergency vehicle — getting attention and clearing traffic more effectively than a standard siren tone
    • Low-frequency tones work simultaneously with primary siren
    • Produces penetrating/vibrating low-frequency sound waves
    • Interacts with most 100/200 W emergency vehicle siren amplifiers
    • Highly effective in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle traffic
    • Rumbler low-frequency speakers work in conjunction with Federal Signal sirens that feature integrated traffic-clearing capability
    • Rumbler low frequency speakers are also available with Rumbler amplifier to work with other Federal Signal sirens
    • Three-year warranty


Rumbler Diagram

The Rumbler® police siren is a traffic-clearing system that demonstrates the long-standing commitment of Federal Signal to continue as the technological leader in audible warning and operator safety.

Improves Traffic Warning Effectiveness
Rumbler provides a secondary, low-frequency duplicate tone. Low-frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating solid materials allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to feel the sound waves.

The low-frequency police siren senses the primary siren tone signal and reduces the signal’s frequency by 75%. It then amplifies the sound through a pair of or single high-output speakers. This cutting-edge police siren allows the tone to sound for eight seconds, provides a highly effective warning, and automatically shuts off.

Secondary System with Built-in Safety
Federal Signal’s police siren includes two new different variations. The Rumbler Solo is a single speaker, allowing for easier and faster installation. The compact Rumbler low-frequency police siren has a pair of compact speakers allowing for additional mounting locations.

The Rumbler police siren system works in conjunction with Federal Signal sirens that feature integrated Rumbler Traffic Clearing capability. This allows the sirens to produce a Rumbler tone without the need for a separate externally mounted amplifier.

Our low-frequency police siren is also available with a Rumbler amplifier, providing Rumbler features to other Federal Signal sirens.

Vehicle-specific mounting hardware is available and ordered separately

Compatible Federal Signal Siren Models 
The Following Federal Signal police siren models are compatible with the Rumbler System when used with a Federal Signal speaker(s).

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